Ukrainian: patronymic from the personal name Havrylo, the Ukrainian equivalent of Gabriel.

Havryliuk is a patronymic based surname. Havrylo, is rooted in Hebrew and means STRENGTH OF GOD.

Ancestry.com Hawryluk page here:

My great-grandmother, Mary Patrick (Paruska Hawryluk):

"Paruska" is Paraska. Paraska is a short form of Paraskoviya/Paraskeva. A very popular name among Rusyns/Ukrainians. Many girls born on Friday are given that name...from Greek paraskeve which means Friday or Day of Preparation...preparation day mentioned in the Gospel in which the legs of the thieves were broken, Christ already expired.

Paraska is a diminutive of Paraskeva

Paraska was frequently anglicized to Pearl or Polly.  I have seen records where Great Grandma was referred to as Polly Mary Patrick.

Given where she was from in Ukraine, Paraska Hawryluk (closer transliteration of her surname would have been Hawryliuk) was a Hutsul. This was/is a micro-ethnic Ruthenian/Ukrainian group. GGGrandmother Paraska was a mountain woman.

From late 18th century to 1918 wies/village, Zalucze nad Czeremoszen, was a fair size village, w/a predominantly Hutsul polpulation and w/its own Greek Catholic Church. The filial Roman Catholic church was in Sniatyn.

Sniatyn was also both the powiat/administrative district and the gmina/ judicial-tax district > Stanislawskie (Stanislawow) wojiwodstwo/region (in 1962 the name was changed to Ivano-Frankivska). Galicia Province,
administered by ethnic Poles for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1918 this region declared itself a Free Ukraine. By mid 1919 it came under Reconstituted Poland's domain. Technically Poland had not existed as a geopolitical entity for the past 125 yrs. All previous names are Polish. Post WW2 this region became a part of SSR Ukraine, under Soviet domain until 1991, when Ukraine became independent.

Today selo/village Horishnye*** Zaluche > Snyatynskij raion/district>Ivano-Frankivska oblast > Ukraine, latest zip 78362.

***the village is divided as Horishnye/Upper & Dolishnye/Lower.


From a letter found in Great Grandmother's papers.  Michael may have been her brother

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Mychailo Hawryluk
R-N Sniatyn
Ivanofrankivska OBL
Western Ukraine

Zaluche is now in Ukraine. The place (village) is Zaluche nad Cheremoshem.

 - lost daughter -
The story I was told was that Great-Grandmother had to leave this daughter behind and lost track of her.  There is a letter in Great Grandma's things, date October 14, 1967,
From Mrs William Hawryluk
2101-42 Ave
Vernon, BC

In the letter, it is written:
...Please come and visit.  I will tell you about everything, your parents, father, uncle.  We will continue to look for your daughter Olenka (short for Aleksandra)....

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R-N = raion

OBL = oblast

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast archive will have the extent old parish vital records. Local registry office has recent past records.

Greek Catholic Church records (births, marriages, deaths) in Zalucze nad Czeremoszem (Sniatyn), Galizien, Austria; later Zalucze nad Czeremoszem (Sniatyn), Stanis©©awow, Poland; now Horishnie Zaluchchia and Dolishnie Zaluchchia, Sniatyn, Ivano-Frankivs°«k, Ukraine. Text in Latin, Ukrainian and Russian.

Record group 631, series 1, files 521-523, 536-538.
on 3 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.
Note - Location [Film]

Volume 631-1/521 Births 1902-1906 (Horishnie Zaluchchia) - FHL INTL Film [1696908 Item 6 ]
Volume 631-1/521 (cont.) Births 1906-1923 (Horishnie Zaluchchia) - FHL  INTL Film [1696909 Item 1 ]
Volume 631-1/522 Marriages 1882-1920 (Horishnie Zaluchchia) - FHL INTL  Film [ 1696909 Item 2 ]Volume 631-1/523 Deaths 1883-1914 (Horishnie Zaluchchia) - FHL INTL Film [1696909 Item 3 ]
Volume 631-1/536 Births 1868-1886 (Dolishnie Zaluchchia) - FHL INTL Film [1696788 Item 2 ]
Volume 631-1/537 Births 1887-1902 (Dolishnie Zaluchchia ) - FHL INTL Film[ 1696788 Item 3 ]
Volume 631-1/538 Deaths 1859-1883 (Dolishnie Zaluchchia) - FHL INTL Film [1696788 Item 4 ]


Who are the Hutsuls?
The Hutsul region (also spelled 'Hutzul' and 'Huzul') of Ukraine, or "Hutsulschyna," is located in the southeast Ukrainian Carpathians to the southwest of Ivano-Frankivsk (oblast center) and Kolomyia, the main access points.

Hutsul region (Hutsulshchyna). A region in the southeasternmost part of the Carpathian Mountains of Galicia, Bukovyna, and Transcarpathia (the basins of the upper Prut River, upper Suceava River, upper Bystrytsia Nadvirnianska River, and upper Tysa River valleys), inhabited by Ukrainian highlanders called Hutsuls. Except for eight settlements in Romania, the Hutsul region lies within the present-day borders of Ukraine.


Encyclopedia of Ukraine 

Conscription Papers - among Great Grandma's things:
Conscription papers
(opens very large)
Dated 1886
Translation courtesy of a friend -

Certificate of attendance to fulfillment of military service
Kazimir Valerievitch Skrydershs or Skredis
the father's name and the family name are hard to read
Skredis is for sure
during this attendance he draw lot #78 and therefore was enlisted into militia, not in regular army
this certificate was issued on December 17, 1886 in the city of Shavel

Conscription Regulations
exerpt 5- it states, that under clauses 100 and 163 of these Regulations you have to produce this Certificate when you get married or enlist onto public service
and the last paragraph invites militia to bring their clothes with them. For example, they would be paid 5 rubles for pair of boots. But no more then 1 pair of boots



[Mary Patruck]

1920 US Census

Home in 1920: Milwaukee Ward 4, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Age: 28 years
Estimated birth year: abt 1892
Birthplace: Galicia
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Spouse's name: Roman
Father's Birth Place: Galicia
Mother's Birth Place: Galicia
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Sex: Female
Year of Immigration: 1914
Able to read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes 

July 15, 1954   Naturalization Papers

Naturalization Papers     name change
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Unidentified photos with Great Grandma's papers

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